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ElizabethSandersWelcome to Elizabeth's personal phone app. Below are a few teasers from her photo session with Juays Photography. To see all the current images please install the app on your phone or tablet. To install click the "Install App" above for further instructions. Her app will be updated throughout her senior year. [color=#ff3333][size=1]If installing on an Android, ensure you open the link in your Chrome Browser before trying to install.[/size][/color]ElizabethSandersElizabethSandersElizabethSandersElizabethSandersElizabethSandersElizabethSandersElizabethSandersElizabethSandersElizabethSandersElizabethSandersElizabethSandersElizabethSanders[center][size=2][size=2][size=1]Please do not remove our logo when sharing or printing.[/size] [/size]Juays Photography © 2017[/size][/center] TO INSTALL ON YOUR PHONE/TABLET HOME SCREEN **APPLE**: Open the link in Safari and click on "Install App" and then just follow the instructions. **ANDROID**: **Open the link in Chrome** and click on "Install App" and then just follow the instructions. **WINDOWS**: Open the link in Internet Explorer and click on "Install App" and just follow the instructions.